3 Ways To Fall Back In Love with Your Business Brand!

Lately, especially, I have run into entrepreneurs who are questioning why they got into business for themselves. Granted, it has been a tough 3 years and still no confirmation of a better economy in the near future. Some are scared of not ever being able to make it, some are confused as to why they aren’t doing better, and some are just plain tired of the stress it has created in their lives.

Sure, they started out passionate, full of hope, and tingling with excitement of the possibilities for their business brands to become the brand of choice in their industries. The ‘newness’ is an entrepreneurial aphrodisiac that drives persistence and hope. Now after 3, 7, or even 10 years or more, are wondering “Is this all there is?”

Well, this post is about re-igniting the passion and love you had for your brand from the very beginning. Call it a second honeymoon, or a renaissance, but the time is now to rejig, re-invent, and fall back in love with your own business brand! Or, accept the alternatives (which I don’t believe I have to mention).

Every relationship needs time, attention, and focus to truly elevate it to its potential. Here are three ways to re-ignite the love of your life – your own business!!

  1. Get back to the basics and re-establish and define your business’ true DNA attributes. Just like in a relationship, we become ‘used to’ a certain attribute and begin taking it for granted, ignore it, or forget the value it provided us in the first place when we became initially attracted to the person. We probably aren’t regularly acknowledging and leveraging some very powerful key attributes that your brand possesses and it is becoming a commodity in the minds of your markets, and worse, in yours and your employees own minds. It’s all in the details! We tend to fall in love with things we know more about, understand, and relate too. Revisiting and in some cases re-establishing your brand’s attributes can provide new focus, and the structure and details necessary to build elevated brand experiences based on those attributes. Refining your business brand’s core values and style attributes will help you hone in on some powerful descriptive vocabulary that will be used to create a new freshness (energy/focus), imagery (visuals), and behavioral actions to solidify the “wow” your brand has to offer like no other. (learn more about our online Brand DNA program).
  2. Carve out 2 hours and to write out the story of how you “met” your business brand idea. This may sound silly, but recreating the passion around how you came to the understanding, motivation, and drive to start this business in the first place is like writing a love letter that re-ignites the flames of excitement and determination you once had to build the business, dream big, and reap all the benefits that successful entrepreneurs have coming to them.  This exercise will put into place one of the most powerful tools you can have to become more of what you are promising to your market. It can open the doors of ideation and provide all kinds of extra details that can bring new life into the customer and employee experience. Chapter 1: The Passion that Ignited [Your Business Brand Name] !
  3. Commit to working ON your business brand (rather than in it all the time). Just like in any relationship, in order to take it to the next level, we must commit to working ON it with quality time, collaboration of ideas, and setting a brand plan to implement how to express it through the your identified attributes and your story. Assess your current brand position with easy self-assessment tools that will reveal how your brand is showing up compared to best practices in the areas of; visual identity, web site, brand behavior, customer experience, employee understanding of brand, etc. And just like celebrating birthdays of of loved ones, anniversarys, and other types of accomplishments, make it a point to identify and celebrate the several notable achievements, dates, and timeline events that help you and your brand re-affirm the love and passion you always had for the business. Establishing and leveraging more details about your brand’s DNA, will allow you to become more and more refined, creative,  and focused on delivering on your brand’s promise. It will help your brand be more consistent, distinctive and engaging. When this happens, you and your employees and customers become more interested and build greater bonds with your brand….and spark the flame over and over again.

Don’t forget to express your brand’s story and attributes through as many of the human senses as possible (i.e., sight, smell, taste, touch, sound). Creating a memorable, multi-sensorial experience that builds advocacy and competitive advantage.

Your business brand deserves a second honeymoon! Dedicate some time to the reinvention process, put more energy into the brand experience – let your creativity shine – engage your employees to ‘own the brand’ and contribute to the creativeness. But most of all, have fun and let yourself fall back in love by building the business brand of your dreams!

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