The Power of Personal Brand Alignment

The Power of Personal Brand Alignment
If you keep experiencing barriers of some kind at work, in your family, with your friends, or in your community relationships, you may be out of alignment with who you are.
This Brandbyte is about recognizing + aligning with the power of your Personal Brand. 
Every once in a while the ‘flow’ of our lives gets obstructed by events or unexpected situations that cause our life-flow to derail. Getting into a more conscious, strategic, and deliberate alignment with ourselves could be the catalyst to resuming & sustaining the positive flow faster.
So what is Personal Brand alignment? It is the ability to center yourself to a construct of what you know to be true, about you. Becoming more INTERNALLY AWARE, so to speak, vs. EXTERNALLY REACTIVE. This has to do with becoming regularly conscious about taking the driver’s seat in your life and following your personal roadmap, instead of sitting on the sidelines of the highway watching things go by outside of yourself and affecting you in unwanted ways. 
Personal Brand Alignment can only be achieved by identifying (naming) & defining what attributes make up the essence of your unique Personal Brand: And getting more conscious, strategic, & deliberate with…
  1. …the guiding principles that underpin and drive your thoughts & beliefs; and how are they perpetuated through you every day.
  2. …realizing your core personality/style attributes that are naturally showcased in your everyday life.
  3. …and remembering & leveraging those nuances that make you who you are, in unique ways
By uncovering these attributes you can consciously and deliberately align (or re-align) yourself by discerning in new ways that enable you to thrive through those attributes.  Sometimes it requires you to ‘up-level’ your relationships, your careers, and your mindset – all for the sake of consciously co-creating with your true purpose.
Being in alignment with your Personal Brand means less friction, more flow, less drama, more ease, less insecurity, more confidence; and ultimately more happiness. Clarity is the basis for action.
Where do you begin, you ask?   ‘Ignite your Personal Brand Presence’ is an online program for solo-professionals, business owners, consultants, executives, and those simply wanting to self-actualize and live their potential. It is a step-by-step five module course to help you align your personality to your purpose and live your potential! 
That is my Brand Byte for this issue – hope you didn’t get too full! For more information on step by step Personal Brand Clarity and Brand DNA, go to, or call 719.660.2533. 

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