Overlooking the Secret Ingredient to Your Potential?
YOU are the Brand of Your Business - 
NOT your LOGO, or website, or business card....

Your Brand is just a set of perceptions.
So, You Already Have a Brand,
...But Are You In Control Of It?

Time to decide...

You're here because you are...

  • Smart and know your stuff!
  • Loving the impact you have on other people's lives.
  • Independent, driven, and value conscious.
  • Appreciative of processes, efficiencies, and strategy that works!
  • A big believer in personal development as a foundation to your overall success & happiness.
  • Confident in what you know, but are inspired to achieve new levels of expertise!
  • Loving the idea of 'playing your way' to success, having fun doing what you love.
  • You're loyal to what works and provides the best value.
  • Realizing that deep down there is more to your success potential than what you're currently experiencing!

Here's my question for you...

"If you haven't yet defined YOUR BRAND, then what are you out there marketing?"
This self-directed online course is designed to give you the clarity you need to feel more confident in all your marketing and articulate your distinction, consistently.

So, really, be honest....Is it time to get-out-of-your-own-way to success?
When you identify and define the core attributes of your Personal Brand, you build your value position with clarity & purpose. It becomes more conscious and deliberate in your actions and behaviors, and people start noticing!
With your clarity, you will message better, attract the right clients, become more consistent and build advocacy!

This course will help you articulate your brand & shape the perceptions others have of you; from customers to partners & prospects.

Solo-professionals should be leveraging their Personal Brand distinction for competitive advantage.
Clarify yours and become who you want to be known for.

As a distributor for a national company, Katie felt like a 'commodity' in her industry...

...standing out decidedly different and keeping it fresh was the key to my personal brand success!"

Katie struggled with national competitors selling like products and needed to carve out some distinction that would make her memorable to her prospective markets.

Now that Katie has defined her BRAND STYLE, she is being more generative in showcasing being ADVENTUROUS, ENERGETIC, AND STYLISH. She is now incorporating live video, FB posts, and events that keep her looking ‘fresh and new’. Now, with her clarity, her audiences really get to know the personal brand behind it all because she shows up authentically within her brand DNA!

So how can you first actualize, and continue to generate being more of YOU, if you don’t know who you are or what your BRAND IS? Your Personal brand CLARITY is the engine that fuels being generative and heightens your confidence to be more of who you really are while attracting & serving your perfect clients.

This 'Ignite Your Personal Brand Presence' course is fundamental to your 
Personal Brand distinction & competitive advantage.

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Meet Suzanne Tulien, Brand Clarity Expert, Author, Speaker 

Building Brand Presence is in My DNA! 
Consciousness. Inspiration. Growth.
With almost three decades of strategic communication, design, and internal brand development, Suzanne's inside-out brand-building methodology (Brand DNA) creates the clarity necessary for her clients to be more consciously 'on-brand' to drive consistency, distinction, and advocacy long-term.

Because her Brand DNA approach is radically different, she is paving the way personal brands (solopreneurs) clarify & elevate their value position to actually reduce marketing costs while growing market share – and becoming who they want to be known for.

As an international speaker and certified trainer she thrives in front of live audiences and in virtual environments.

As author of 3 books; Personal Brand Clarity; Identify, Define & Align to What You Want to Be Known For; The 6 Myths of Small Business Branding and co-author of Brand DNA; Uncover Your Organization's Genetic Code to Competitive Advantage, also published in China, she is helping to pave the transformational highway to grow by conscious, strategic design; not by DEFAULT!

Suzanne Tulien
Brand Clarity Expert, Author, International Speaker
Brand Ascension, LLC BBB Business Review

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