Teens Have a  

Empower your TEEN to realize what makes them 
UNIQUE and generate self-worth through ownership 
of their qualities & differentiators.
Introducing... ‘Ignite Your Personal Brand Presence’ workshop for Teens!


Personal Brand Presence for Teens is a specialized in-person workshop designed to 
empower them to uncover their true value and potential, take ownership of their uniqueness, 
and stand in their power to become who they know they can be. 

Through this collaborative, experiential program, your teen will:
Three, 2-hr Sessions (1 per day for 3 sequential days)

Increase 'Self-Agency': Help your teen gain clarity about their own unique strengths and abilities (core values, personality style, & differentiators). They'll learn to confidently express their worth and feel more in the 'driver's seat' of their life in various situations, such as collaborating with peers, in group projects, and engaging on social media and social situations. 

Become Less Impacted by their External Environment and More Internally Driven by their Core Values: Teens are one of the most vulnerable & impressionable age groups in our nation. But when they are clear on who they are, what they value, and love what makes them different, they are empowered to stand in their own authentic power and resist external manipulation when it goes against their belief systems. Personal brand development clarifies and strengthens what they know to be true to themselves.

Support Confident Decision-Making: Equip your teen with the tools to make decisions aligned with their personal brand and growth aspirations. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of feeling lost or overwhelmed and support your teen in making on-brand, aligned choices that build confidence and trust.

Value their Difference & Uniqueness: Your teen will uncover what makes them stand out from their peers and APPRECIATE their own differences. They'll identify their unique qualities, enabling them to shine brightly and attract the opportunities they desire.

Define their Authenticity: How can we be 'authentic' when we are unclear as to what is authentic within ourselves? Help your teen clarify their personal brand values and style attributes, reflecting their true personality. These attributes will enable them to create meaningful connections and experiences, leading to valuable relationships.

Boost Confidence: Support your teen in gaining the confidence to live authentically and fulfill their promises. With newfound self-assurance, they'll navigate challenges with resilience, never questioning their worth – especially when it comes to decision-making.

WARNING: Your teen might just fall back in love with themselves and THRIVE!

Invest in your teen's future self!


Why Invest in Your 

Meet Suzanne Tulien, and learn more about these three, 2-hr. training sessions on Personal Branding for Teens!

This deep-dive inner work will connect your Teen to their 
authentic attributes that make them unique & distinctive.
. . . . . . . . .
This process of identifying and defining creates a powerful understanding of their own value and inspires them to be more of who they really are.
. . . . . . . . .
This HIGHLY experiential workshop helps your teen become more internally-driven (core values) vs. externally impacted (outside influences).

3 days, 2 hrs. per day of experiential, accelerated learning.
DAY 1 - LEARNING (2 hrs.):
  • What is a 'Personal Brand' and what is not?
  • Why is knowing your personal brand beneficial to your personal and professional life?
  • Assess your current personal brand.
  • Authenticity self-assessment.
  • What are personal core values & how to use them to guide your decisions?
  • Identify your personal core values.
  • Define your personal core values.
  • Homework assignments.
  • Examples of Teen's core values.
DAY 2 - LEARNING (2 hrs.):
  • What is a 'Personal Brand Style?'
  • Uncover your Personal Brand Style! - and 'own it!'
  • Define your personal Brand Style! - how do you show up this way?
  • Examples of Teen's Personal Brand Style.
  • What makes YOU different? 
  • How to leverage your differentiation to be your best/authentic self.
  • Homework assignments.
DAY 3 - LEARNING (2 hrs.):
  • Establishing a Personal Brand Mantra and how to use it.
  • Composing your unique personal brand 'Why' statement
  • Documenting all your outputs onto your Personal Brand onesheet
  • Taking stock in your Personal Brand Clarity for future success.
  • BONUS: Actioning & Leverating your Personal Brand Presence homework module/exercises
Your Teen Has a Personal Brand...Let's Uncover It,
And Empower Them to Be Who They Really Are!

In partnership with Lenie De Castro, owner of the the Colorado Springs we introduce... "Ignite Your TEEN Personal Brand Presence" Workshop
[Based on the 'Ignite Your Personal Brand Presence' online course and coaching program for solo-professionals]


Thank you to our Sponsor and Host:
Colorado Springs, CO

Getting your teen clear on their unique Personal Brand attributes...

  • Puts them in the ‘driver’s seat’ of their life
  • Helps them discern ‘on-brand’ every day decisions with utter confidence - KNOWing what to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to!
  • Leverages and accepts their unique distinction as a positive
  • Enables them to be authentic to who they really are  
  • Makes them keenly aware of their 'superpowers' and their ‘why’
  • Helps them to be more INTERNALLY driven, instead of EXTERNALLY impacted (by social media, peers, etc.)
  • Keeps them more consistent, efficient and operating thoughtfully from the heart, rather than reactively (victim) to their external environments.
This course is designed for TEENS at all levels ...It can be the  ‘missing piece’ to their internal reference for self-worth and empowerment. 

Just $397 (introductory rate) 
 Three, 2 hr. Live Facilitated Training Sessions
(all learning materials included)

Next Workshop in Colorado Springs, CO:  
Aug. 5, 6 & 7th, 10am - 12pm each day

Huntington Learning Center  
1430 Kelly Johnson Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

June 15th, 2024

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A Little About Me , 
Suzanne Tulien, Speaker, Author, Brand Clarity Expert


A little background....I was bullied in my teens and truly felt the pressure of fitting in or not fitting in. It shaped me to this day and I now realized what that pressure did to help me realize who I really was.

I recently realized that the internal branding work I do for companies and their cultures, as well as the solo-professional can be applied to young adults - helping them uncover, utilize & leverage the attributes within their own DNA that make them who they are. 

When we do the inner work, and clarify our Personal Brand Presence, we have a new level of 'ownership' and essentially 'fall back in love' with who we really are. It is a powerful shift that, when fostered within our everyday activities, can help us perpetuate the evolution into our full potential!

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