Branded Leadership Requires Clarity, Direction, and Focus.

Is It In Your DNA? You may be experiencing an impulse to evolve yourself, to realize the full potential of your expertise and make your greatest contribution to your profession, family and relationships. You may yearn for deeper experiences of trust, accomplishment and feel a longing to come more fully alive. You may even intuitively […]

Leverage Unique Brand Vocabulary and Create Brand Distinction

Watch this short video or read the blog below to learn how the use of key words and phrases can alter the overall perceptions others have of your business brand. This brandbyte #1 is all about realizing the use of words in creating internal brand culture and memorable customer experiences. And as always, we start […]

Afraid of Recruiters Stealing Your Employees?

Look Inside Your Brand’s Culture for the Secret Weapon One of my clients that I do some online work for asked me to remove the email links to the pictures and name of some of their employee teams that are displayed on several of  their site pages. She explained that the CEO was concerned that […]

The Fallacy of “Re-Branding”

Lipstick on a pig

Debunking the ‘external’ effort to re-position the brand. “Oh, you’re a brand consultant? Our company just went through a re-branding effort 6 months ago. We’ve all got new business cards, a new logo, and new ad campaigns coming out.” I cannot tell you how many times I hear this and like statements from those I […]

How to Build Your Business from the Inside Out

Internal Branding

Moving from a ‘push’ to a ‘pull’ strategy. I just read a white paper entitled Internal Branding; What is that exactly? By Allan Steinmetz, CEO of Inward Strategic Consulting, Inc. And felt compelled to add to his insights and hit on a couple of key overlooked areas of the process. First, I’d like to begin […]

Be, Do, Have—the Zen of Brand Success


Elevating Your Growth through Ancient Practices By Suzanne Tulien, Principal Brand Architect, Founder Don’t you just love the word ‘Zen’? It just feels good to say it. ZZZZEEEEEEENNNNNN – you almost automatically take a deep breath and relax. It’s just weird. Anyway, the other day I came across this word again and started thinking about […]

It’s Your Brand, Manage It! A ‘Must’ for Brand Elevation.


When consulting to companies, it never ceases to amaze me how some business owners feel that their brand could be so much more, but it is not reaching its potential because they aren’t sure how to get the employees to be more ‘on-brand.’  “Oh, they’ll never do that,” or “We spent $X last year on […]

We’re Approaching 2013 – Do You Know Where Your Brand is Going?


3 Strategies to Guide Your Brand to Sustainable Success I watched a replay of a show on CNBC called ‘Keeping America Great’ featuring two prestigious American icons, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. One of the questions from a college student was directed at Mr. Gates and asked something like this “Considering your level of success, […]