Personal Brand Leadership is an Internal Job
Today, when others choose to work with or trust YOU (as a client, partner, or employee), they are ‘buying into’ YOU, not your products and services. 
They are buying into your ‘Why,’ your philosophy, your confidence, your demeanor, and the chemistry you create doing what you do. 

Your brand is unique, as unique as your own DNA, and when you discover even just a few of these core elements that make you, YOU – you can begin to leverage your Personal Brand P.O.W.E.R. and step fully into your potential and build exponential consistency, trust, and advocacy.
But don’t worry if you think you don’t have a brand. You already do. 
The real question you need to be asking is “Am I in control of it?”  And if you haven’t formally identified, defined and aligned to it, you probably are not in control of it as much as you think.
“Nothing more conclusively proves your ability to lead others than 
 what you do on a daily basis to lead yourself.” 
– Tom Watson, former CEO, IBM
Getting the clarity you need about your unique leadership brand is necessary before you can be conscious, strategic, and deliberate enough to take more control of the leadership brand you want to be known for. The less clear you are about who you are, the more inconsistent you are. It is hard to have followers when you are inconsistent.
But realize that ‘Leadership’ is not inherently ‘good.’ Leadership is about an ability to INFLUENCE. Influencers have a unique style, know what makes them different, and understand how consistency is the key to building a level of trust that enables others to follow.
So, what is Branded Leadership?
…Is the conscious, strategic, deliberate application of specific, authentic personal brand attributes expressed consistently through your decisions, actions and behaviors, while being perceived with a level of wisdom, expertise, and authority and ‘buy-in’ from others.
The perceptions you and others have of your leadership brand is contingent on your own clarity of who you want to become known for. With that clarity, you can co-create, design, and discern your own experiences to be more congruent with who you know yourself to be.
You become less reactive to your environment and more internally driven from who you really are. True leadership starts within.
That is my Brand Byte for this issue – hope you didn’t get too full! For more information on step by step Personal Brand Leadership development, go to, or call 719.660.2533. 


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