Personal Brand Leadership is In Your DNA
You may be experiencing an impulse to evolve yourself, to realize the full potential of your expertise and make your greatest contribution to your profession, family and relationships. You may yearn for deeper experiences of trust, accomplishment and feel a longing to come more fully alive. You may even intuitively sense that you have a unique purpose and a critical role to play in shaping the future of our world and your own life. ...And, I bet, you’re right.

If you are like me, over the past two years or so, I have been feeling this urge to develop myself more from the inside out. I am more curious, thoughtful, and contemplative than ever before. I want to have a greater impact on what I do everyday, who I meet and spend time with, and make a real difference in the time I spend here on earth.

It’s not just about my business anymore, I think it's time to get conscious, strategic & deliberate; step up your game, and become your own unique PERSONAL BRAND PRESENCE and live your LEADERSHIP potential, now.

So, ask yourself ‘ARE YOU A LEADER or a FOLLOWER?’

If you are reading this, then, I know you already understand how important personal brand leadership can be in your efforts to live your full potential in business and your life. 

I believe leadership is a two-dimensional skill. The internal work, and the external work. This article will focus on the internal work.

All too often I find emerging leaders seeking elements outside of themselves in order to gain leverage on their leadership skills, and resistant to doing the deep work of clarifying who they are first, so that they can better lead themselves; a critical ‘missing piece’ of consistent, sustainable leadership.

“How we BELIEVE we are PERCEIVED, shapes WHO we BECOME.”  - Summer McStravik
This is a powerful statement and includes how we believe our own perceptions of ourselves. Our own self-talk, negative and positive, is a huge contributing factor in our way of being and ability to lead ourselves first.

Clarity enables right action.

How would your life change if you were fully self-actualized in your business and personal life? Self-actualization equates to clarity, a clarity that becomes the foundational platform for discerning action into your next level of living. 

So, where do you get that kind of clarity? One thing I do know for sure, it doesn’t come from your external environment, like a new certification, or learning a new skill, but rather from a place deep inside you, a place where your truth and authenticity lives…’s in your DNA (Dimensional Nucleic AssetsTM).

Your unique Personal Brand Presence lives through your leadership style and is a beautifully complex make-up of critical attributes that play a supportive role in the definition of your overall way of being, actions, behaviors, and world-view. You have gifts embedded in these attributes that are waiting to be leveraged and maximized in order for you to live your full potential and leave your legacy in the experiences of others.

The internal exploration starts this process and begins with:

  1. You have a set of core VALUES that ring true for you, you just have to uncover and literally name and define them. These are your guiding principles that help you stay the course true to who you are and help right things when you go off track. Identifying just four key core values and then defining them help to crystalize how you are living in that value to perpetuate the life you believe in, fuels your energy, and is fully nourishing to your way of being. 
  2. Recognize that YOU have a certain STYLE that is specific to YOU. When we are able to identify, name and define that style through a collection of attributes, it helps to create a powerful container that is highly focused and can provide direction and answers to daily questions while showing up more consciously through these attributes in your actions and behaviors. It will answer the questions “I am the leader who…” 
  3. Your Leadership distinction is unique! Each of us has a collection of distinctive differentiators that collectively create a blueprint of memorability in the minds of our audiences. It is our responsibility (and our purpose) to acknowledge and leverage those distinctions and maximize them to create the construct to enable our gifts to be seen and shared with our audiences. Distinctions can include; years of experience or awards, all the way to the more personal distinctions like your talents, such as speaking two languages, or playing a musical instrument, to your hobbies. Flushing these out begins to shape what collectively makes you who you are and begins the process of becoming what you want to be known for. 
  4. Defining your Standards of Living! In order for us to transform into our fullest potential, we must deliberately and strategically design our way of being to allow for our unique DNA to be leveraged through your leadership. This is where we consciously plan how we can be more of who we are authentically through every facet of our lives; in our work, communities, families, friendships, and our overall well-being.
Again, you can see how true sustainable leadership really begins at the internal level. These areas I just listed are the focus of and ingredients to clarifying and igniting your Personal Leadership Brand Presence. I know you know deep inside there is something bigger, brighter, and bolder within your “why” and purpose to being here on this earth. Is it time to discover it, become it, and fully live it? 

What’s at stake now, if you don’t?


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