Meet Suzanne Tulien 
 Brand Clarity Expert, 
Author, & Speaker
(animal lover, steward of the earth, wine & charcuterie enthusiast, closet karaoke singer, golfer, fly fisherwoman, adventurer, and more)

"I believe that our level of success 
is inextricably related to our level 
of self-development."

My 'Why':
"I exist to be a co-creative partner in the evolution 
of alignment & authenticity. 
I am a catalyst for consciousness, inspiration, & growth."

The Really Important Stuff About SUZANNE:
  • Passions: Experiencing and facilitating “aha moments,” making life more fun & creative, contributing to the sustainability our amazing planet, dancing, singing, eating truffle parmesan popcorn, watching mind-blowing movies, and loving and protecting animals of all species.
  • What Suzanne adds to Brand Ascension: A regular sense of “playing our way to success” because she loves the unlimited opportunities to create perceptions, and keeping it inspiring! A multitude of talents, speaking, designing, voice-talent, videography, copywriting, PR, program design, speaker training, facilitation, podcast guesting, and more!
  • Likes: Venti Decaf Oatmilk Latte w/2 pumps of toffee nut (over ice in the summer!) Frequent deep tissue massages, lemon drop martinis, groovy eclectic “lounge modern” tunes, Karaoke, ANY/ALL time spent in nature (fly-fishing, hiking, camping, skiing), deep intellectual conversations about life, spirituality, Law of Attraction
  • Dislikes: Excuses, Victim Attitudes, Dishonesty, Disregard of the environment, Smoking, Politics, Arrogance, lack of basic EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Favorite Color: Pinot-Noir (Is that a color?), Periwinkle, deep purple, and of course Black
  • Favorite Movie: Grand Canyon, Beetle Juice, all James Bond films, AVATAR, and all movies like the Oceans 11 series!
  • Favorite Song: As a highly auditory & visual learner I appreciate a vast genre of music styles – depends on my mood. One of my ‘motivating’ favorites is “Let’s Go Crazy”, Prince - (I listen to it before hitting the stage!). Other fabulous bands are Morcheeba, Thievery Corporation, Everything But the Girl, Groove Armada, and of course Queensryche, Dokken, Bon Jovi, Howard Jones, Tesla, Matchbox 20…..!
  • Favorite drink & eat: Movie Popcorn. Charcuterie, fine cheeses, olives, foccacia breads and excellent wine + olive oils. Lemon drop martini’s, Fondue, whole foods….and a Smash Burger (mushroom truffle & swiss) from time to time! Mostly white wines like Viognier + Chardonnay, then some awesome Chilean reds like Carmenere, Malbecs, and old vine Zins.
  • What I wanted to be when I grew up: As a child, A zookeeper… and secretly, in the 80s, Joan Jett.
Speaking   Training  |  Facilitating is in my DNA...

Meet Suzanne Tulien
Brand Clarity Expert, Author, Speaker, Trainer
I intentionally design my work life to be full of creativity, growth, and inspiration. I am thrilled to be an entrepreneur for the past 20+ years even with the challenges it can bring. I embrace the challenges and see them as opportunities to recognize the contrast and to get back into alignment with my authentic self.

Efficient. Transparent. Motivator. As a 'D' on the DiSC, I am highly driven. I have a need for variety, creativity and forward movement. I like to make things happen fast for myself and my clients to realize their own value position. 
You see, I've done the personal branding work that I train my clients on. I've flushed out my unique attributes, I know my value position, and my 'Why." Clarity in my own essence is the only way I want to live – and I want to give that sense of liberation and creativity to my clients to become who they want to be known for.

I would to talk brand elevation with you.

Thoughtfully elevating your brand,
Suzanne Tulien

3 Reasons I wrote Personal Brand Clarity...

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"Your Purpose in Life is to FIND Your Purpose,
and Live it Fully."
- Buddah

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